Apr 19

NPES Field Day is on Friday, May 5TH!


Dear Parent(s):


We will be conducting our Annual Field Day on Friday, May 5th.  Our “rain date” is Wednesday, May 10th. We have an exciting day planned for our students, faculty, and participating parents. There are numerous fun stations that will be set up for our students. Please have your child wear comfortable clothing with athletic shoes. Some of the stations involve water so you may want to send an extra shirt with your child. Bathing suits are not allowed. Also, if you wish for your child to wear sunscreen please apply it before they come to school. Do not send your child to school with a bottle of sunscreen.


All students will have a common lunch period from 12:00-12:40. You may send your child with a bag lunch unless you have already made arrangements with his/her teacher to get a lunch from the cafeteria. The cafeteria bag lunch menu is below. Please choose beverages below.


Please fill out the bottom portion of this letter and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher by Friday, April 28th.  The cost for a bag lunch will be the same that your child pays during the school year.


Please return the bottom portion by Friday, April 28th.


I wish for my child, ____         ________________, lunch #         to receive a bag lunch.



Chicken Patty Sandwich w/Bag of chips and Apple        


*Choose milk, and/or juice.


___ Juice Box      ___ Chocolate Milk          ___ Strawberry Milk

___1% Milk



____ My child, ____________________, will bring his/her own bag lunch.



Teacher’s Name: ___________________________________   Grade: _______