2019-2020 School Supply List

2019-2020 School Supply List




Early Start

Do not label consumables.

Backpack basic standard size 

Tri-fold Rest Mat (standard size)

Queen size pillowcase - to cover mat

Beach towel or small blanket No Pillows

Paint smock or old shirt

Change of clothing – (1) long sleeve shirt, (1) short sleeve shirt, (1 pair) shorts, (1 pair) pants, (1 pair) socks, and (2 pairs) underpants   

(Place all items in a large Ziploc bag with your child’s name printed on it)

1 heavy duty/durable clear view 1” binder 

1 box of zip-loc bags – (gallon or quart)

10 glue sticks

2 bottles of glue

1 marble composition notebook

1 spiral notebook (1 subject)

2 boxes of Crayola crayons (24 count)

1 box of tissue

1 pouch of baby wipes


2 marble composition notebooks

Regular sized book bag (no wheels)


2 - 24 ct crayons (replacements may be needed throughout the school year)

1 pair of blunt point scissors

1 Binder Pencil Pouch, 10" x 7-3/8" - cloth/nylon - (no hard, plastic pencil boxes)

2 pkgs. of glue sticks (6 or 8 count)

1 - 3 pack block erasers

2 plastic folders with pockets and prongs

2 boxes of tissue

1 box quart or gallon size Ziploc bags

*donations of baby and disinfecting       wipes would be greatly appreciated*

First Grade

1 book bag

2 two-pocket folders - plastic 

(Please label with child’s name)

3 composition books 

(No spiral notebooks)

2 packages of pencils (No. 2)

Pencil top erasers (as needed)

2 boxes of 24 regular crayons 

1 pkg multi-color construction paper

1-4 pack low odor dry erase markers

Scissors (child safety)

12 glue sticks

3 large boxes of tissues

Ziploc bags: quart & sandwich sizes

1 pencil box or pouch

2 bottles of hand sanitizers


1 package of index cards 

Second Grade

2 two-pocket folders

1 binder (1 inch only)

6 spiral notebooks

Scissors – child safety

3 boxes of tissues

1 pack of dry eraser markers

Pencils (No. 2 - At least 2 everyday)

24 pack of Crayons –to be replaced each new nine weeks

1 package of highlighters 

20 glue sticks 

1 Package of loose leaf-paper – (to be replaced every nine weeks)

Pencil pouch - canvas

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1 package 3x5 index cards

Ziploc bags: gallon and sandwich size

*Donations: baby wipes and disinfecting wipes

Third Grade

24 pkg. of crayons or colored pencils

12 pencils (No. 2) and pencil top erasers

1 package of loose-leaf paper

3 Pocket folders (Green, red, yellow)

12 glue sticks 

7 composition notebooks

Pencil bag

Dry erase markers

Index cards

Multi-colored construction paper


3 boxes of tissues

Ziploc bags: gallon and sandwich sizes

Hand held pencil sharpener

Hand sanitizer


*Please replenish items as needed*

Fourth Grade

Pencil bag

4 composition notebooks

4 packs of loose-leaf paper (wide ruled)

24 pencils

6 glue sticks 

1 pair of scissors (labeled with name)

2 yellow highlighters 

1 red ink pen

24 pack crayons or colored pencils

2 packs of black dry erase markers

4x6 index cards

2 hand sanitizers

3 boxes of tissue


**Additional supplies may be requested by the homeroom teacher**

Fifth Grade

2 two-pocket folders (blue, red)

4 packages of index cards (3x5)

20 pencils

Zipper pouch (Barber)

1 pack of computer paper (Yohe/Harris)

1 package of dry erase markers (Yohe/Harris)

Pens (red for editing only) (Yohe/Harris)

Color pencils or crayons

3 highlighters

5 spiral notebooks (different colors) (Yohe/Harris)

4 composition notebooks per 9 weeks (different colors) (Barber)

2 boxes of tissues

6 to 8 glue sticks

Hand sanitizer

1 pair of scissors (labeled with name)

Pencil sharpener with a lid

2 packs of loose-leaf paper

1 pack of sheet protectors 

Ziploc bags - sandwich and gallon



 **Please write your student’s name on all of their belongings – especially inside jackets, hats, lunchboxes, on water bottles, and book bags**




**The Classrooms teachers would GREATLY appreciate any donations of hand sanitizer, tissues, pencil top erasers, loose-leaf paper, dry erase markers, and pencil box/pouch supplies for use in the classroom. 




No Rolling Book bags


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