Representatives needed for Student Council

Representatvies needed for Student Council

NPES is now seeking Student Council Classroom Representatives!  Each Early Start through grade 5 class will be choosing a Student Council Classroom Representative on October 15th.  Elected Classroom Representatives are then eligible to run for a Student Council officer position.

Please notify your classroom teacher by October 8th if you are interested in representing your classroom in the Student Council. 

Student Council Important dates

October 8- deadline to notify your teacher if you are interested

October 11-14-classroom campaigning for Classroom Representative

October15- classroom voting for Classroom Representative

October 19-first Student Council meeting and nominations of officers

  •     President-5th grade only

  •     Vice President

  •     Treasurer

  •     Corresponding Secretary

  •      Recording Secretary

  •      Historian

October 25-29 Student Council officer campaigning

November 1-schoolwide election for Student Council officers

If you are interested in representing your classroom and helping your school, please notify your teacher by October 8th!

Please contact Ms. Tosha Penkrot if you have any questions.